If you feel that you would like to practice a specific part of the curriculum or your vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills, you can do so under the 'Practice' tab!

Words: in this menu you can find your saved, weak and strong words, as well as the vocabulary health indicator. Xeropan will always warn you when you have too many weak vocabulary words, indicating that you should take the time to practice them!

What is weak vocabulary?
Expressions that, if you hear them or see them written down, you are likely to remember their meaning, but if you have to use them in a stressful situation, such as being suddenly called on the street or in an exam situation, you may find it difficult or impossible to remember them.

What is strong vocabulary?
  Expressions that will come to mind in critical situations and that you will be able to use easily in speaking situations.

What do you need to do to have a strong vocabulary? 
Solve the tests for a phrase correctly at least 5 times!Vocabulary health indicator. It is important to deepen this knowledge, and this indicator shows you the percentage of strong words you have.
0-25%: Although you may know many expressions, you may be unsure about a good number of them.
25-50%: You are confident in using most expressions, but it may be useful to practice a little more.
50-100%: Perfect balance between progress and practice, so keep going!

If you're interested in a specific topic and want to improve your knowledge of it, go to Practice → Words, where you can learn new words and expressions by topic!

Grammar: Under the 'Grammar' tab, you will find tests on different grammar topics, which describe in detail the different grammar rules, give examples, explanations and gradually build up your grammar knowledge.

Conversation: For each conversation, you'll need to complete different objectives to progress to the next lesson!

Good advice!:
We've surveyed the habits of 2 million language learners to find out what makes them successful. We found that people tend to give up after 1 week and let others distract them from their language learning.
Furthermore, we found that users who learn a language for a shorter period of time, but on a regular basis, several times a week for a shorter period of time, achieve their goals 3x faster.  We recommend you do the same! Get through the first week, and after that it becomes a routine and no one can stop you!

To learn more about the 'Learn' tab, read more on:  How to use the Xeropan app? Part 1: 'Learn' tab