Xeropan has been created with today's most innovative gamification elements, incorporating game elements and playful mechanisms in language learning. This is designed to increase your motivation and provide interactivity when completing tasks.

We use gamification to encourage you to achieve your goals, through points, levels and rewards. This approach is highly effective, improving and maintaining your performance, motivation and perseverance. Xeropan's background, characters and overall operation all reflect this principle to make language learning as effective as possible for you! By presenting the story, we will reveal to you how this learning approach is connected and integrated into Xeropan and who the characters are that will accompany you on your language learning journey:

Professor Max, the absent-minded language teacher who lives in 2157. One day, a comet crashes into the Earth's surface, mysteriously causing humans to lose their ability to communicate. Professor Max builds a time machine to go back in time and prevent the comet from hitting, but time travel ends in another disaster and Max finds himself back in prehistoric times.

Now it's your turn to help him! Earn stars to advance through history and prevent the comet from crashing!  The game takes you through 13 language levels and eras, where you'll face different language challenges!

This story is not just a simple learning guide, but an exciting and dynamic journey that encourages you to make language learning part of your active daily routine, without even realizing you are learning.

Imagine taking small steps towards your language learning every day, as if you were part of an exciting adventure! The story makes it easy to break down big goals into small, achievable steps, so you can maintain your motivation and perseverance on the way to your ultimate goal.

You can enjoy a playful world of colorful imagery, with exciting tasks and challenges to solve. Learning becomes a real adventure where fun and knowledge are intertwined. So you not only gain experience, but also a much deeper knowledge than with other methods. Don't miss this opportunity and let language learning become a sensational adventure in your life!

It is the only way to achieve a future where people can communicate and live in harmony with each other.

Go ahead, the future is in your hands!