• Redefining language learning: not only to educate, but also to inspire and entertain. It is a learning tool, a companion on your journey, who encourages you further in case your attention wavers, holds your hand and guides you on the road to language proficiency.
  • All in one: it focuses on several skills, be it communication, speaking, reading or writing. The diversity of the curriculum ensures that you'll find everything you need to learn a language successfully in one place.
  • Book replacement: It saves you time and energy, no need to collect all your materials from different places.
  • Guidance, structure and impetus for learning: well-structured tests by acclaimed language teachers and curriculum developers support real progress.
  • Teaches through real life situations: builds knowledge that you can use immediately in everyday life, no unnecessary words and expressions, just the gist!
  • Thematic approach: learn from basic to advanced, jump up a level and feel confident to speak foreign languages!

Student reviews, based on more than 63 800 Play Store reviews:

,,It's very good, I learned English very quickly, and the videos to teach you English are better❤️, the app is very good👌🏼👌🏼’’


,,Xeropan is the best learning app not only in the world but also in my world :)’’

Thu Rin

,,It’s the best English learning app by far’’


,,It is interesting how language learning apps can be even more fun than games. This app is excellent for short study sessions and for building a routing.’’

Daniel Saenz

,,Time flies with this app :) In my life the first languages practicing which is effective and not boring. Good investment, take it!’’