Xeropan's teaching materials are linked to historical periods, with levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), from basic to advanced (A1-C1). Xeropan has been designed with the most innovative gamification elements of the present day, incorporating game elements and playful mechanisms in language learning. This is designed to increase your motivation and provide interactivity when completing tasks. We use playful tools to encourage you to achieve your goals, through points, levels and rewards. This approach is highly effective, improving and maintaining your performance, motivation and perseverance. Xeropan's backstory, characters and entire gamified operation are all based on this principle to make language learning as effective as possible for you!

When you start learning, choose the language level that suits you, but if you are not sure, you can take our short assessment test.

When you open Xeropan, you will find different tabs at the bottom of the screen. The first is the Learn menu. Here you'll find structured and step-by-step learning material to help you progress through 60 topics, from basic to advanced (A1-C1), so you can move from one human age to the next, and from one language level to the next.

Improve your vocabulary: Themes are divided into chapters, each of which begins with vocabulary-building lessons, including vocabulary cards, audio materials and interactive, personalized tests.If you want to add a word to 'your saved words', all you have to do is click on the heart icon on the selected vocabulary card or in the vocabulary list!
The reason why it is worth adding some words to 'your saved words' when developing your vocabulary is because some words are more stubborn and harder to learn. Regular repetition will help you to memorize them as well as helping you to use these words more quickly and effectively in practice.
You can use 'your saved words' to create your own personalized list of only those specific words that you think are important. This can be a simple and effective way to learn words, as you can easily access and review expressions whenever you need to repeat them.

Become a master of pronunciation:
as you progress, you can take pronunciation lessons to help you fine-tune the pronunciation of the expressions you've already learned. With regular practice, they will help you develop your speaking skills and strengthen your language independence.

Language use in action: you can then move on to the audio/video lessons, where we've selected video and audio clips mainly from vlogs, movie trailers, news. These lessons deal with topics that will give you real-life language usage and expressions that native speakers use.

Grammar made easy: In each theme, there are several ts which summarize what you have learned and help to test your knowledge.

Real-life conversations: immerse yourself in exciting conversations with different chatbots, from job interviewers to shop assistants, practicing the expressions and grammar you've learned along the way. Boost your speaking skills and move on to repairing the time machine!

Remember, if you collect enough stars you can even unlock extra lessons with them in the Bonus Lessons section!

To learn more about the 'Practice' tab, read more in: How to use the Xeropan app? Part 2: 'Practice' tab