You can use Xeropan on the web, tablet or mobile device:

Xeropan offers two profile options:

  • Registered users: If you signed in using Facebook, Google, Apple or KRÉTA.
  • Non-registered users cannot access their profile on multiple devices, so we recommend that you use Xeropan while logged in!

To log in, follow these few simple steps!:

  • Via App: My profile → ⚙️ (Settings button, top right corner) → Sign in!
  • Via Web: Under the 'My profile' tab. 
    For trouble-free Xeropan use, we recommend the Google Chrome browser for time travel! 😉

Did you know? Xeropan PRO is free with your KRÉTA account! 😮😍 Perfect for students, parents, teachers and other participants in Hungarian primary and secondary education. Learn languages unlimited, ad-free and completely free with KRÉTA! Log in to Xeropan now with your KRÉTA account!


If you're not registered and you don't have access to PRO features or your learning progress, email and we'll help you!