We're sorry to see you leave the PRO users' camp!

If you really want to cancel your subscription, you can do so through the same platform where you subscribed to Xeropan PRO. So, for example, if you signed up for the PRO subscription via the App Store and have since used your subscription on an Android device, you can still cancel only via the App Store.


If you want to cancel your subscription, follow these steps!:

  • Google Play: Sign in from your Android device and follow the steps described here!: Guide to unsubscribe via Google Play.

  • App Store: Log in to your AppStore account and follow the steps described here!: Guide to unsubscribe via the App Store.
    Unfortunately, Apple does not give developers the option to modify subscriptions from the AppStore. So if you experience any problems canceling a subscription you created from your iOS device, please contact Apple Customer Service!

  • Web: Go to the Xeropan web interface, then go to ⚙️(Settings button, bottom left corner) → Further Options → Xeropan PRO → Cancel subscription

If you have any problems, please contact us at info.en@xeropan.com!

Good to know!:
Our subscriptions are handled by Google, Apple and Paypal Braintree, due to technical limitations of these systems, unfortunately canceling a profile or app does not stop the subscription. Before canceling a profile, Xeropan will inform the learner via a pop-up window if there is a subscription associated with the profile, how to cancel it. Similarly, when deleting an app, Android and Apple will notify you that the app you want to delete has an active subscription.

If you are not sure which platform you have purchased on, please check the purchase confirmation you received after your purchase (this may have been placed in the Promotions or Spam folder in your mailing system).