In case our pronunciation lessons do not work properly (e.g.: the microphone does not start, the app does not understand the phrase on the third try), please check the following!:

  • Check that the latest version of Xeropan is installed on your device! If not, please update, as the problem may have been fixed in the meantime!😉
  • If the microphone is not turned on in the app, check that the microphone is enabled! You can find this in the device settings.

For Android, you can find it as follows:

  1. Open settings! → Click apps!
  2. Find Xeropan! → Click on permissions!
  3. Click on microphone!
  4. Enable the microphone, then return to the app!

For an Apple device, you can find it as follows:

  1. Go to settings! → Click on privacy!
  2. Click on microphone!
  3. Go to Xeropan! → Enable microphone use for the app, then back to the app!

For web browsers, you can find it as follows:

  1. Open in your browser! → Click on the small padlock icon in the URL bar → Click on site settings!

  2. Under privacy and security, find microphone! → In the drop-down menu bar next to it, click the authorize button!

  3. After successful authorization, return to the Xeropan page! → Reload the page!

For mobile devices, if you have the microphone enabled and the app still does not allow you to use it, check if you have the Google app downloaded on your device and if so, ensure the microphone is enabled for the Google app, this is because Xeropan's speech recognition uses the Google app!

If you find that the pronunciation lesson does not accept the word you are trying to pronounce, please check your device to make sure that the microphone port is not blocked! A clogged microphone may cause the app not to hear you properly and therefore not understand you correctly or mishear the word and not accept it as correct!

If you have exhausted all of the above options and the pronunciation lessons still don't work, please contact our support team at and we will help you!