Xeropan provides you with more than 3000 interactive lessons from basic to advanced (A1-C1). If you want a greater challenge and find the material too easy, or if your chosen level is too difficult for you, you can change levels by following the steps below:

  • Via app:
    Within the 'Learn' tab, click on your current level in the top left corner of the screen, then select your new level. You can also access this function by clicking on the 'My profile' tab → 'Your current level' button. 

  • Via web:
    In the same way, click on 'Levels' in the 'Learn' tab.

Xeropan's teaching materials are based on the language levels (A1 to C1) defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • In English as the target language:
    Xeropan takes you through 13 historical periods, each corresponding to a language level, as follows:
    The Far Future in Chaos - Absolute Beginner - A1
    Jurassic Era - Beginner - A1
    Stone Age - Primer - A2
    Ancient Egypt - Elementary - A2
    The Roman Empire - Medium - B1
    Middle Ages - Intermediate - B1
    Renaissance -Practitioner - B2
    The Age of Enlightenment - Independent - B2
    Wild West - Upper-Intermediate - B2
    Modern Times - Competent - C1
    Information Age - Advanced - C1
    The Future - Proficient - C1
    The Far Future - Masters - C1

We are constantly working on taking you further on your language learning journey in German, Spanish and French! However, for the time being, we are taking you from Absolute Beginner - A1 to the following levels in these languages:

  • German target language:
    Renaissance - Practitioner - B2
  • Spanish target language:
    Ancient Egypt - Elementary - A2
  • French target language:
    Stone Age - Primer - A2