Learning words: 'Practice' tab, you can develop your vocabulary in a targeted way. To help you learn and memorize  your pronunciation, you can listen to expressions at normal speed or in slow motion, along with visual illustrations. You can also check the ratio of weak to strong words in the words you learn. You can personalize both and find ‘your saved words' here.

  • Your saved words: If you want to add a word to ‘your saved words' all you have to do is click on the heart icon on the selected word card or on the vocabulary list! You can also expand your vocabulary by topic, for example, when preparing for a job interview, you can find useful expressions in the 'work' category.

  • What is a weak vocabulary? Expressions that, if you hear or see them written down, you are likely to remember their meaning, but if you have to use them in a stressful situation, such as being suddenly called on the street or in an exam situation, you may find it difficult or impossible to remember them.

  • What is a strong vocabulary? Expressions that will come to mind in critical situations and that you will be able to use easily in speaking situations.

  • What do you need to do to have a strong vocabulary? Solve the tests for a phraseat least 5 times correctly!

  • Vocabulary health indicator: As you progress through the Xeropan curriculum, you will learn more and more words and expressions.It is important to deepen this knowledge, and this indicator shows you the percentage of strong words you have.
    0-25%: Although you may have learned many terms, you may be unsure about a good number of them.
    25-50%: You are confident in using most expressions, but it may be useful to practice a little more.
    50-100%: Perfect balance between progress and practice, so keep going!