Yes, whether you are a free or PRO user. Currently you can learn:

  • English, 
  • German, 
  • Spanish and 
  • French

in addition, 10 English For Specific Purpose:

  • Academic
  • Business, 
  • Catering, 
  • Engineering, 
  • IT (information technology), 
  • Legal, 
  • Medical, 
  • Technical, 
  • Tourism and Hospitality, 
  • Veterinary


If you want to switch between the languages you are learning, follow these few steps:

  • Via app: Clicking on the flag icon within the 'learn' tab, or by going to my profile!
  • Via web: Languages (top right corner, the flag icon) →  Language courses →  Save changes! 
  • You can select Specialized language you want to learn by clicking on the English →  Specialized language courses.