Xeropan currently teaches 4 general languages:

  • You can learn English in Hungarian, English, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Polish, Romanian and Vietnamese.
  • You can learn German in Hungarian, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and Polish.
  • You can also learn Spanish and French in Hungarian and English.

In addition, 10 English For Specific Purpose are available:

  • Academic
  • Business, 
  • Catering, 
  • Engineering, 
  • IT (information technology), 
  • Legal, 
  • Medical, 
  • Technical, 
  • Tourism and hospitality, 
  • Veterinary

in the following source languages: hungarian, english, german, spanish, french, italian, portuguese, russian, chinese, english, spanish, french, italian, portuguese, russian, chinese

Our team is constantly working to make the app available to all users in their native language, so if you want to help us make Xeropan available in your language too, please contact us at info.en@xeropan.com.