Benefits of the KRÉTA IFM teacher interface:

With the KRÉTA IFM Teacher Module, teachers can create personalized lessons and assignments, taking into account students' individual needs and learning pace. Thanks to automated assessment, this saves teachers considerable time, while IFM's interactive lessons help to keep students interested and motivated, increasing the effectiveness of language learning.

To access the IFM teacher interface, follow the steps below!:

  1. Open the KRÉTA teacher interface!
  2. Digital Collaboration Space 
  3. Tasks (top menu bar)
  4. Language tasks
  5. Use the 'New language task' button to browse through 3 years of IFM's interactive lessons in English and German, from basic to advanced level (top right corner)!

Click here to watch our video about the steps to log in to the IFM teacher portal and how to assign your tasks!

For further questions, feel free to contact us at!