The IFM (Foreign Language Preparation Module) is a module on the eKRÉTA platform that, once logged in with a KRÉTA ID, facilitates innovation in language learning for bothstudents and teachers in public education by:

  • Provides over three years of course materials.
  • Offers English and German language learning materials.
  • Is ideal for assigning interactive homework and homework assignments.
  • Keeps students motivated to learn independently.
  • For teachers, it allows them to track student progress through the statistics menu.

Benefits for students:

Learn English and German by playing through short, exciting lessons from basic to advanced! Download the free KRÉTA IFM app directly from the app store! Solve the task assigned by your teacher or learn on your own with interactive vocabulary, video, grammar and speaking skills lessons!


Benefits for teachers:

With the KRÉTA IFM Teacher Module, teachers can create personalized lessons and assignments, taking into account students' individual needs and learning pace. Thanks to automated assessment, this saves teachers considerable time, while IFM's interactive lessons help to keep students interested and motivated, increasing the effectiveness of language learning.