If you're already signed up for a PRO subscription but you don't see PRO features in the app, the following can help:

If you are using Xeropan through the app:

Press 'Reset Purchase', which allows you to easily reset your subscription if you are logged in with the Play Store or App Store user on the device you were using when you subscribed to Xeropan! You can do this here: My profile → ⚙️ (settings button, top right corner) →  Restore PurchaseWith this function you can reset your PRO subscription, not your learning progress.


In the following cases:

  • You subscribed from a device running a different operating system than the one you currently want to use Xeropan on. For example: you have switched from Android to ios or vice versa.
  • You purchased your subscription using a different Google Play email address or App Store ID.
  • You have made a purchase on the web and want to return your purchase there.
  • Or you want to reset your learning progress.

we propose the following:

  1. You are not a registered user: If you use Xeropan without logging in, a so-called Guest Time Traveller profile is created for you. When you do this, the app will warn you that your data could be lost if you delete Xeropan from your device or change devices.

  2. If you make a purchase with a user who is not logged in, and then log in with a Google, Facebook or Apple account after the purchase, it will identify you as a free user again.

  3. If this has happened to you, send a confirmation email to info.en@xeropan.com and ask our customer support for help!

  4. You're a registered user but have multiple profiles: if you're logged in with Facebook, Google or Apple and can't use your PRO subscription on multiple devices, log in with the same profile you subscribed with to restore your PRO access!

  5. New subscription: If you have just purchased a subscription and it has not been activated even though your payment has been processed, please send a confirmation email to info.en@xeropan.com and ask our customer support for assistance.

If you have excluded all of the above options and you still don't see your PRO subscription, please contact our support team at info.en@xeropan.com and we will help you!