Are you sure you want to delete your profile?

Your profile data and learning progress will be permanently deleted from Xeropan's servers. Are you considering starting over? Want to restart your Xeropan studies but want to keep your user account? Don't delete your profile, instead contact us at!

If you still want to delete your account, follow the steps below!:

  1. Make sure you are not a PRO subscriber here:
    Via App: My profile → ⚙️ (Settings button, top right corner) → Manage PRO
    App Store: Settings → Your name → Subscriptions
    Google Play: Google Play app → Your profile → Payments and subscriptions → Subscriptions
    Via Web: Click on the PRO button!

  2. If you still have a PRO subscription, cancel it by following the instructions in this article!: How can I cancel my subscription?

  3. Delete account:
    Via App: My profile → ⚙️ (Settings button, top right corner) → Delete profile
    Via Web: ⚙️ (Settings button, bottom left corner) → Delete profile

Good to know!:

Our subscriptions are handled by Google, Apple and Paypal Braintree, unfortunately due to technical limitations of these systems, deleting a profile or app does not stop the subscription.

Before deleting the profile, Xeropan will inform the student through a pop-up window how to cancel the profile if there is a subscription associated with it.