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From time to time, learners contact us because they are not sure that they are using Xeropan to its full potential or that they are using it in an "ideal" way.  In our ongoing efforts to simplify language learning, we saw an opportunity to guide learners through their learning journey with greater precision.  With 2024 in mind, we're completely redesigning the Xeropan Android and iOS apps (web due in 2025). And no, it's not just about looking good; it's also about making the learning process more convenient, engaging and of course, fun! We've also added lots of new learning content to your language learning journey. We'll guide you through what's new, explain the science behind the changes and answer your questions in this FAQ. And don't worry: your hard-won progress will stay safe in the new Xeropan!

Quick overview: Here's a taste of what's new!

  • A streamlined learning path: Tired of the clutter of lessons? Tired of too much confusion? It's like having a friendly guide to help you better explore lessons and chapters.

  • A more immersive learning experience: Lessons and tests provide a smoother, more interesting and fun language learning journey.
  • The sound of success: We've made learning a pleasure for your ears with 20 000 new audio files. From word cards to audio and video lessons your listening skills will soar!
  • Healthier vocabulary: Wondering how well you know your words? Our vocabulary health checker will help you! It will gently remind you of your continuous improvement.

  • Bonus Lesson Bonanza: Weekly Lessons now become Bonus Lessons, arranged according to your language level. The icing on the learning cake!
  • Dark mode delights: For night owls and individuals, we've added a stylish dark mode.

  • Tablet and iPad magic: Fresh design for bigger screens. Get ready to fall in love again.
  • Adventures full of stars: More lessons, more stars, more fun! Who says learning can't be fun? Don't worry, you will keep your hard-earned points and stars! Learn more about Xeropan!

The science behind the changes:

The arrangement of the lessons in the learning pathway is based on the principle of phased repetition, a technique that is strongly supported by scientific research in the field of learning.

When first learning a word or encountering a grammatical item, it is beneficial to repeat it relatively early and then slowly increase the intervals between practice. This approach helps to embed concepts in long-term memory. Arranging lessons along the new learning path helps reinforce this learning method.

The old home screen looked like this:

  • The lessons were organized into "lesson groups", and the lesson groups were grouped around themes.
  • Spotting differences between the different types of lesson (vocabulary, audio, video, grammar or conversation) was a visual challenge.
  • It was not easy to identify whether lessons had been completed and it was equally challenging to distinguish whether they had been completed with a 1, 2 or 3 star rating.
  • In the past, vocabulary practice was not part of the initial learning process. Putting it on the home screen will also remind you of continuous improvement.

On the new home screen:

  • Lessons are arranged step-by-step on the home screen, so there's no need to access topics one by one. Each lesson is sequentially ordered, simplifying the user's learning journey.
  • Enhance visual identification by highlighting different types of lessons, reducing image clutter.
  • The completion level of the lessons is visually highlighted making it easier to see how well you have done.
  • The inclusion of vocabulary practice directly on the home screen ensures that it is a permanent part of the learning process. This practice encourages continuous improvement through intermittent repetition directly from the home screen.
  • The newly designed home screen may make the learning path seem longer, but rest assured, it contains the same number of lessons. We are confident that this innovative approach will improve your learning experience and we can't wait for you to try it out!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Who will get this new app?
  • A: Everyone, from March 2024! Want to try it out before the official launch? Contact us now at info.en@xeropan.com!

  • Q: I can't find the Weekly competition feature in the new app. What happened?
  • A: It is still under development. It will be more spectacular, with a new release in 2024. In the meantime, you can access the Weekly Competition on the Xeropan web version at www.xeropan.com. Make sure you log in with the same Facebook, Google, Apple or KRÉTA account you use on your mobile devices!

  • Q: Are there any features that are not available in the new versions of the Xeropan applications?
  • A: a) Profile > Diplomas, b) Profile > Follow friends, check friends' learning progress, c) Profile > Study time, d) Classroom chat function to communicate with the teacher. Keep in mind that all these features are available at www.xeropan.com. Make sure you log in with the same Facebook, Google or Apple or KRÉTA account you used on your mobile devices. 

  • Q: What about the web version of Xeropan?
  • A: The new design will be released for Android and iOS in March 2024. The web version is still under development. It will be launched in 2025.

  • Q: Will I lose my hard-earned points and stars?
  • A: No way! Your hard-earned points and stars are safe with us.

  • Q: The learning pathway seems much longer. Have you added new lessons?
  • A: No, it is longer, but in a good way. More practice, more FUN!

  • Q: Can I revert to a previous version of the Xeropan application after the upgrade?
  • A: Unfortunately, once you have upgraded to the latest version of the Xeropan application, you cannot revert to the previous version. We're sure you'll like the new features, including the improved voices and the vocabulary meter.

  • Q: Can I continue using the previous versions of the Xeropan applications without having to upgrade?
  • A: Yes, you can use the previous version of the Xeropan application until 31 May 2024. After that, we will no longer support the older version and you will need to upgrade to enjoy the latest features and improvements.
    (The following two questions and answers do not apply to pupils in Hungarian public education)

  • Q: I started studying with Xeropan before March 2021. Why am I suddenly limited to 5 minutes of learning per day with Xeropan?
  • A: It is important to note that the following answer does not apply to Hungarian primary and secondary school students, as well as to students who started studying with Xeropan after March 2021!

    Hello, loyal student! We have news to brighten your day. You see, Xeropan has undergone a bit of a revamp in the monetization department. This means we've changed the way you access the Vocabulary lessons.
    But don't worry, my friend! You've stuck with us through thick and thin, so we're offering you a golden ticket - 12 months of PRO, absolutely free. Yep, no 5-minute limit, no interruptions, just a pure, uninterrupted learning experience.

  • Q: That sounds great, but what happens after 12 months?
  • A: Oh great question, seeker of knowledge! After 12 months of PRO extravagance, you’ll go back to our 5 minute a day learning plan. But don't worry, the beauty of this plan is that you'll still have access to everything - only now in bite size chunks! Think of it as nibbling from a buffet of languages, rather than feasting at an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you're craving the full feast again, you'll always have the option to continue your PRO journey.

For the best deals, contact us at info.en@xeropan.com!