Xeropan certificates show that you have mastered one of the language levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This will help you to assess your English language skills before taking the exam. We want to show you that taking a language exam is a game with Xeropan.

To earn a Xeropan certificate, you need to collect 50% of the stars for the level you have reached. Xeropan will automatically notify you when you have reached the right number of stars. You can find the Xeropan diploma you have earned in your profile under Certificates .

You can currently only find the Xeropan Certificates feature on the Xeropan web interface, but we will soon make it available to you in a revamped form on the mobile app! You can access your certificates and your weekly ranking on the Xeropan web platform at www.xeropan.com after logging in.